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People really make me sick…

Every. Single. Time. I decide to trust someone, they fuck things up. I tell them things that I’d rather keep locked up in my head in hopes of alleviating some of the stress and what do they do? They go and tell other people. Is my life really that interesting that you feel the need to tell others? Or are you just mocking me for being upset over things you find to be stupid? Honestly, if you think it’s annoying that I keep telling you my issues, just let me know. I’ll just talk to someone else. But no. I get to hear about some of the things I told to ONE person from someone totally different. It’s funny how my relationship problems, among other things, can become talk.

Sigh. Untrustworthy people are the reason I find it so hard to open up to people. Moral of the story: TRUST NO BITCH. Now to decide whether or not to confront this person.

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